Friday, 2 September 2016

AOS Death Malignant and Nighthaunt Army Project Part 1: "Spooky Spooks"

So I have caught the AOS bug pretty hardcore and so has my local club, we are all hell for leather putting together 1000 point matched play armies as fast as our spare time and wallets will allow. I love the start collecting boxes Games Workshop keeps releasing not only are thy great value but they have some of the coolest sculpts and basic starter armies for most of the factions. I used to have a Vampire Counts force a while ago and really wanted to get into the whole Death faction.

Spirit Hosts age of sigmar and AOS hexwraiths

Now with most of my projects I like to keep to a theme and build something you don't see on the table much or if at all. While Death did recently get the Flesh-Eater Courts update and as such has many more options available for a pure court army I was drawn to the much more restricted Nighthaunts with their heavy spectral and ghost themed units. After having play on the AOS app and in the newly release battlescribe update I was able to pin down a couple of quick 1000pt lists based purely on Nighthaunt units and purchased one of the new Malignant Starter sets and some extra units from my favorite Australian online retailer (free shipping over $100 and usually 20% discount is amazing).

The theme for the army was originally going to be Nighthaunts stranded in Aqshy the realm of fire and do them up all flame and fire like, but after struggling with the fire paint scheme I decided to go the quick and easy route and use the old ork flesh painting trick and wash the bright yellow base coat with green wash for instant fluro green spooky look. It worked thankfully!

This pic is about half way through the dry brushing stage, Once I have got the airbrushed base shading down I drybrush all the yellow areas several times to get a nice bright contrast going that will really pop when the green wash goes over it. 

Mortis Engine

Mortis Engine

Mortis Engine

I have a lot of work still to do on each model even after the green wash but you can defiantly see the theme pull through well now with the full on ghost/spirit look I was chasing. The whole army needs to feel insubstantial and ethereal and the painting as well as the models chosen to fill out the list should provide that. I have a Mourngul ordered and on its way from FW and can't wait to get that beast assembled and painted up ASAP!