Monday, 2 January 2017

Death Guard Horus Heresy 30k Project: Part 2, Weathering Heights

New post for the new year! I finished weathering and painting for my nascent Death Guard 30k Heresy force. Painting these guys has been an absolute treat and hence the quick completion time for once. Nothing like smashing out the core troops and a HQ so you can move on to the fun toys next.

The weathering was always going to be the sticky part of this paint scheme, I tried a few different colors and weathering styles on some test models and was happiest with a simple rhinox hide first dabbed on spots and likely wear areas followed up by a very small detailed brush with leadbelcher. I tried to keep with the old style of highlighting the larger rhinox hide splotches to make them more 3d with the bare metal scratched look. I also used the leadbelcher to highlight the bronze trims on all the marines to make them look a bit more beaten and worn as well.

So yeah there you go, 20 tac marines and a HQ selection complete apart from transfers which I will get done when more of the force is complete. Time to get in some sneaky Zone Mortalis games I think!