Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Horus Heresy 30k Projects, Mechanicum and Raven Guard: Dark Mechanicum Legio Cybernetica Painting Part 3 and Part 1 Raven Guard

My love for killer robots is unending and as such I have got my hands on some new addition to my Dark Mechanicum 30k army.

WIP Myrmidon Destroyer painting 30k

painting WIP Myrmidon squad 30k Heresy
I couldn't help myself and with a cheeky Myrmidon Destroyer unit for a solid addition to my Zone Mortalis lists, also a Macrotek with some servitors for cheap flamers and a Grav imploder.

WIP Mechanicum 30k horus heresy
The Knight Atrapos is a monster and will fit in very well as the lord of war choice for larger games and the new Vultarax Stratos-Automata is a vehicle hunting, haywire spitting drone of violence.

On the burner as well is an idea for a small 1250point 30k Raven Guard list. One of the biggest things I have learned about ZM games is mobility is king. The ability to forward deploy via infiltrate, scout or outflank is a massive game changer in ZM. Lots of first time players of ZM will bring very heavy slow units that only have a few counter but then due to the objective based nature of the majority of missions find themselves left out in no mans land or out of the action due to slow movement and the inability to quickly redeploy.

Raven Guard 30k test model WIP  
My idea for a Raven Guard paint scheme comes from the actual bird itself, the plumage of Ravens looks pure black from a distance but up close you will see they have a purple iridescent sheen to them. I wanted to try and replicate this somewhat on the actual marine models to try and move away from a pure black scheme. I achieved this by basing the model silver, then 2 coats of purple wash and then 2 coats of black wash. This was a quick and dirty test model but the effect did come through! with the static photos its hard to tell, but in reality on the table it looks black until a light source hits it and then the iridescent purple sheen shows through! Pretty happy and will now look at refining the process and mass producing a squad or two.
Raven guard 30k test model painting WIP
With Raven Guard you get all your infantry infiltrating and units such a vets or Mor Deythan squads coming with scout on top of that. In light I want to run a force with the theme of ship to ship infiltration or vacuum combat, think of this army as Raven Guard who conduct sabotage and infiltration of space stations, ships and the like in the cold vacuum of space but in a sneaky fashion. So lots of more heavy armour marks as opposed to the Mk4 to Mk6 you see most Raven Guard forces in and a heavy core of void hardened Mk3 for durability and space combat.

Monday, 20 February 2017

AOS Death Malignant and Nighthaunt Army Project Part 2: "Spooksville"

Finished up a solid chunk of the Malignant army I was painting up, even got a bunch of games in with it and they performed really well. The addition of the Mourngul was the right move as it allows me to munch through tougher units or break down smaller ones easily.

Spirit Hosts age of sigmar full army Malignants

Mourgul got the same painting treatment as the rest of the force. Brown base, orange and then yellow shading on the raised areas/arms and then black sprayed in the recesses.

Mourngul Age of Sigmar

 This was the hit with a very heavy wash of green to bring out the yellows into the fluro color you see below. Due to the size of the model some areas needed a second coat of green wash

mourgul age of sigmar

Mourngul Age of Sigmar

After the green wash settled bright highlights via dry brushing were applied to make it pop

Fully painted Mourngul age of sigmar

The res of the army got a basic brown mud base with some static grass tufts as well. 

Hexwraiths fully painted

Mortis Engine Fully painted age of sigmar

Banshee and hero fully painted

Spirit Hosts Fully painted age of sigmar

All done! now to have some more games, get bored, sell the lot and pick another project!...............send help...........I have army painting issues!