Sunday, 13 September 2020

Warhammer 40k Project: Necrons in White from the Indomitus Box, Skorpekh Destroyer Cult

 Finally got finished my Skorpekh Destroyer Cults from the Indomitus Box. I also settled onto a basing scheme as well. 

Necron Destroyer Cult units, Skorpekh Lord and Skorpekh Desroyers with Plasmacyte

I haven't had much luck on the table recently as I can never seem to make a charge to save myself! but really keen to see how it all shakes out in the new Codex in October. 

Bases Paint Scheme with GW paints:

- Base with Armageddon Dust

- Wash with Sepia Wash

- Drybrush with Screaming Skull

- Tufts to taste

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Warhammer 40k Project: Necrons in White from the Indomitus Box, Overlord, Reanimator and Cryptothralls

More progress for my white Xbot Dynasty Necron army built from the Indomitus box contents. I was able to punch out a few more models over the last week or so. Having a lot of fun with the scheme but damn are the troops taking forever!

Necron Overlord in White
Necron Canoptek Reanimator in white
Necron Crytothrall in whiteNecron Cryptothrall In white

Friday, 7 August 2020

Warhammer 40k Project: Necrons in White and the Necron Plasmancer

Plugging away at the new Necron Indomitus box sets with my new white, black and green paint scheme. The plasmancer was super quick to paint and the new Games Workshop Necron themed paints have been awesome to use. 

Necron Plasmancer Indomitus Box White paint
Paint Guide is as follows

- Airbrush black

- Airbrush light grey with shading from top down, couple of light layers will make it white

- Seal with matte varnish (important for allowing contrast paints to runs smoothly over the base colour)

- Contrast white over entire model

- Drybrush White

- Contrast black for skeleton parts

- Contrast Tesseract Glow for all the green parts, one coat, smooth and left to dry with no runs

- Runelord brass with a wash of Cryptek armoushade and drybrushed with canoptic alloy

Monday, 3 August 2020

40K Project: Indomitus Necrons in Xbox Green!

Of course the hype for 9th edition got me bad and I have invested in a new Necron start up army from the boxed set of Indomitus. I wanted something bright and yet easy to paint in bulk as I was keen to flood the board with Necron Warrior squads with the new objective based scoring coming in with 9th edition missions. Believe it or not a white armoured force was super easy to commit to with the release of all the new contrast paints.

Necron Warrior painted with Games Workshop Contrast Paints

Necron Scarab painted with Games Workshop Contrast Paints

Paint guide:
- Airbrush black
- Airbrush light grey with shading from top down
- Seal with matte varnish
- Contrast white over entire model
- Drybrush White
- Contrast black for skeleton parts
- Contrast Tesseract Glow for all the green parts
- Runelord Brass on the detail with a wash of Cryptek Armourshade

Friday, 19 June 2020

40k and 30k Projects: Dark Angels on the Horizon WIP

With the incoming new Horus Heresy Thramas campaign coming and having already done a Night Lords army years ago it feels the best time to start up a side project of Dark Angels. The biggest question is of course how to do the black for the old Heresy style armor!
Dark Angels 30k Horus Heresy outrider bikes

I decided on a dark silky midnight blue for the "black" of the armor. This contrasting with the red stripes and eventual checks/transfers on the armor should pop well. The deep dark blue was achieved in the following steps:

- Undercoat black with airbrush primer
- Airbrush heavy zenith highlight with dark grey
- Airbrush light zenith highlight with grey blue
- seal with gloss varnish
- wash with Drakenhof Nightshade
- sliver edging with Leadbelcher
- Reds with Khorne Red

I hope this was helpful to anyone looking to replicate and I have included a pic of the paints used.
Now I am working on some armor and heaps of infantry while I wait for some transfers to arrive.

Dark Angels 30k Horus Heresy Outrider bike and assault marine

Dark Angels 30k Horus Heresy outrider bike

Dark Angels 30k Horus Heresy outrider bikes

Dark Angels 30k Horus Heresy Vindicator Tanks

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Imperial Fists 30k event report for SEQsy Part 3

Ok, huge post and pictures warning...

Imperial Fists Seekers Painted, Horus Heres, 30k

This was the third event from the awesome lads at SEQsy Heresy here in sunny Brisbane down under. The format is two games, loyalist vs traitor with two specially selected book missions for the theme of the day, you can play a third game if you are drunk enough and don't have to drive home as the whole thing is run out of a pubs event room!

Missions were 1 and 2 from book two massacre and focused heavily on the use of scoring troops and killing the hell out of each other at 3000 points with LOW and Primarchs allowed.

I played Tim from the Eye of Horus podcast as my first opponent who was using a mates Khorne theme Demons of the ruinstorm. I took my Imperial Fists with a focus on outflanking and deepstriking turn two, while holding an Aegis line boosting reserve rolls and protecting a shadowsword with dreads and a Forgelord. I managed to snipe out one of the behomeths with a D shot and the Demon lord with focused fire from the rest of the army outflanking on turn 2. The fat terminator blob with a praetor and siege breaker dropped in behind his main demon blobs and forced him to respond. In both games the fat terminator blob ate huge amounts of armor saves like god damn bosses for once! I ended up winning the game 7-1 as I just had too much 13 and 14 armor for the demons to bounce off with their big boys dead early on. Demons are huge wound soaks though and you need to pick your targets and just dump on them until they die or you will get swarmed. Also you need to be ok with feeding the horde a sacrificial unit or two so the rest of your army can function and tries to do work on objective scoring.

Imperial Fists Terminators 30k Horus Heresy

Imperial Fists Terminators Horus Heresy 30k

Imperial Fists 30k Terminators horus heresy

Imperial Fists 30k horus heresy Landraider Proteus

Imperial Fists 30k Horus heresy landraider proteus

Second game was on the same table as I was unlucky/lucky and against a inductii feel no pain horde of World Eaters and Angron.
I approached it in the same fashion, castle up and bait the main horde into it and then outflank and deep strike into the scoring area while picking apart important threats one at a time. The abundance of lascannons and melta in my army really helped negate FNP rolls and with some clever positioning/shooting I even sniped out apothecaries quickly as most people put them in the rear of a squad. I kited Angron the whole match and kinda felt bad about it until my terminators failed a 4 inch charge and at something like 36 wounds from a half dead inductii squad that then charged them. I ended up winning again by playing keep away with my scoring units in the opponents backfield and blocking any chasers with my tanks as fists will make a wall out of anything... even their own men and machines if needed. My opponent like all the other dudes at the event was a champ and good dude with great hobby energy and sick army.

Imperial Fists Terminators

Here is the first rounds armies and tables as a bonus!

Sunday, 18 August 2019

40k and 30k Projects: Imperial Fists bolter boys - Part 3 - Intercessors Squad

With the amazing new Space Marine codex dropped and the Imperial Fists supplement around the corner I am keen to get as much of my 40k force table ready. With that in mind I need Intercessors, heaps of them, so here is the first 10 man unit.

Imperial Fists Space Marine Intercessor Squad

As with previous posts the paint scheme is as follows:

1: spray silver and then a coat of matte sealer (stops the wash pooling) then wash with Nuln Oil

2: wash panels with cassandra yellow shade

3: wash panels with cassandra yellow again

4: a coat of Lamenters yellow glaze on the yellow panels

5: two coats of badab black on other paneling

6: sponge on battle damage and weathering with black

7: highlight black edges and fill in battle damage with a bright silver, I use a flat brush for this

8: fill in any other details to taste!

Bases are done in batches, spray silver and two coats of nuln oils and then details to taste. The green goo is the nurgles rot technical paint and rust is the technical rust paint too.

The feet of the Intercessors are weathered with black weathering powder and then I pin them all to the bases for extra stability when transporting.

The final product just waiting on decals 

Imperial Fists Space Marine Intercessor Squad

As you can see the whole paint scheme looks flat and boring without the weathering

Last pic is of my next project, terrain!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

40k Projects: Genestealer Cult Purestrain Genestealer Contrast Paint Test

With the release of the new GW contrast paints I saw an opportunity to speed up some of my GSC units painting times. I have about 15 Genestealers lying around already primed white and though I would give it a go.

Purstrain Genestealer warhammer 40k, contrast paints, genestealer cult

Paint Scheme is as follows:
1: Prime White with rattle can or airbrush
2: Seal with matte spray sealer
3: wash flesh with Guillemen Flesh Contrast
4: Wash carapace with Black Contrast
5: Claws and talons with normal badab black
6: Purple with Genestealer purple, then a purple wash
7: Seal with matte spray sealer
8: brush on gloss coat on carapace, claws and talons + mouths