Sunday, 12 June 2016

Night Lords Kharybis and Dreadclaw, Word Bearers troops and Scoria works in progress for multiple Horus Heresy projects

Busy couple of weeks and finally got my Night Lords forge world drop pods in the mail so I was keen as beans to get these at least built this week and base coated. Also while I was waiting with baited breath for them to arrive I was working on some more dark channeled Word Bearers troops because why not!

So the Kharybis and Dread claw are pretty challenging to assemble but a real pain to paint. The multiple legs, fins and spikes make for a real paint to try and get smooth total coverage on all the panels in 1,2,3 or in my case 4 passes............

My Word Bearers desperately needed more bodies after putting together and painting all those tanks last time, so I cranked out some more conversions based off the dark vengeance and betrayal at calth boxes.

And to round it all off I got a little bit more work done on Anacharis Scoria, woo!