Monday, 3 July 2017

40k 8th Edition Projects: Death Guard and Daemons slumber party adventure part 1

I had to get the new 8th edition starter box and by that logic I had to swap my marines for a 2nd Death Guard half, and by that logic I had to pull out a mess of Nurgle Daemons I had hiding in a box! It was a vicious cycle and one that is pushing me towards about 100power points or a 2k points of a combined Death Guard and Nurgle Daemons horde army.

I like the new psyker rules as well as the new phase and coupling that with the new character rules of not being targeted unless its the closest unit I am dreaming of running nothing but huge expendable chaff units swarming the board backed up and buffed by pyskers and auras galore to drown the board in putrid bodies. One catch though........ damn its a lot of models to paint!

I decided on a spooky gross green glow I utilized on a Spooky Death army I did for AOS some time ago but wanted it to be a bit darker and more gross looking.

Will look at trying to crank more of this army out asap as its a heap of fun even though its a mountain of work to go haha!