Wednesday, 17 August 2016

AOS Destruction SpiderFang Grots Army Project Part 1: "The spider god calls my name"

With the overflow of people in my local club getting super pumped about AOS due to the fabulous generals handbook, I to have been caught up in the hype to bust out a fantasy army with round bases!

One of my unrealized dreams was to run a Orcs and Goblins army made up purely of spiders, giant spiders and a some more spiders! with the demise of 8th and the rise of AOS + the additions finally of matched play with points I am keen as beans to start up a couple of 1000-2000 points armies and the first off the ranks will be a spider heavy grots army.

I have like 60+ spiders stashed away in a box for just this moment and decided to use the oversupply of night lords themed paints I purchased way to many of and had lying around in surplus. The theme for the army is going to be a winter time dreary and decay base to try and match with my winter theme table at home and the spiders themselves are deep blue icy themed.

 Approached base coating as normal, black with white zenith highlights on the tops and leg bands. Then blue primary color over the top in a couple of thin coats for coverage. Tried 3 different patterns on the Arachnaroks carapace and simple bands and strips on the smaller spiders.

 I found a trio of river trolls in my bits box, so gave them a coat of paint as well in case I wanted something a little more hardy in my army later on.

 I attempted four different washes on the bases and found the green to be the effect I was chasing. oval bases were sourced from back2base-ix on ebay for the cheap price of $15 for 35 35x60mm oval laser cut bases, such a crazy good deal.

So that is the basing and base coats + shading done, now the long haul on details!