Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Night Lords Horus Heresy 30k Project: Calth Terminator Lord and Chainglaives Part 2

Welcome to the next step on my loyalist Night lords 30k army built mainly from the flexible Betrayal At Calth boxed set. My previous article for the terminators and terminator Praetor was about making the chainglaives that are the signature weapon of the Night Lords, this time lets get into painting them. I have yet to finish basing this unit but I am waiting until I get my Night Lords decals from Forgeworld, then I can finish them off and seal with some matt varnish all in one hit.
Please note this is a Loyalist Night lords force so it is far more clean and bright then most of the traitor forces seen, this is a deliberate direction and theme for the army.

Step 1: Undercoated and completed the shading of the base colours with an airbrush as detailed here
Step 2:  Paint all the trims and details in a bronze gold colour
 Step 3: Paint all the weapon and chain details in silver and then wash the gold and silver parts with nuln oil wash, Also start painting the power weapons, powerfists, chainfist teeth and Chainblade/Praetor paragon blade-chainglaive with a dark green and then highlighted with a light green on the tips.

 Step 4: Drybrush leadbelcher silver onto all the gold trims too highlight it and give it a more worn look. Paint the lapels and red areas with khorne red, then hit it with a red wash and then highlighted with a lighter red. This shot also shows the custom Combi Plasma Bolters I kitbashed out of the Calth set. Let me know in the comments if you want a quick guide on how to do them.
 Step 5: Lightning and Clean up stage. Lightning is done by a 4 step process of gradually lighter shades of blue and then highlighted where the forks break or hit with a dot of bright white.
 Step 6: Almost done now just do decals and bases to your own taste!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Night Lords 30k Painting Fliers WIP Part 1

With a rapidly upcoming 3000point 30k event on the horizon I need to desperately try and finish off a large chunk of units for my Heresy army. My Night Lords 30k army is built around the theme of them being a strike force deployed to the galaxies fringes during the Istvann purge and betrayal, led by a Terran veteran Praetor from the original founding of the legion their loyalties lay more with the Emperor than with the increasingly insane Curze. Upon returning to the greater crusade space and learning of the betrayal of Horus they are turned into a marauding force shadowing the traitor fleets throughout the galaxy and preying on the isolated and vulnerable rearguard.

The style and theme is a bit more clean and fresh then most of the other traitor Night Lords that are floating around. Force layout wise I wanted a highly mobile air/space based army, with lots of units that can be used in boarding actions and quick insertion on ground targets while maintaining air superiority, so lots of fliers, infiltrating terror squads and the odd Caestus Assault Ram because I love that hulking monster of a model and the thought of smashing into ships and tanks like a madman is awesome.

So painting! I followed the same recipe I used for my infantry units on these vehicles. Airbrushed Black undercoat/base, then a highlight with airbrush white on raised areas or parts you want to outline or make pop and then 2 coats of Vallejo Model Air Blue 71.004.

I only got 1 coat of blue done on these 3 fliers because I ran out of paint! more has been ordered and once it arrives I will do the 2nd coat and touch ups. I cant stress how important it is to do the 1st coat and let it dry overnight and come back the next day to do the 2nd coat of blue. You always pick up all the mistakes and parts missed in the 1st coat and once the paint fully dries you can give it a hit of matt varnish to protect the base coat.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Armies on Parade from the 30k Brothers Revenge Doubles Event

So last weekend I was fortunate enough to finally have my 30k Dark Angels painted and present for the Brothers Revenge doubles event hosted by The Warriror Lodge. It was a 850 points per army doubles event with the only real prize being a FAT Mat for best painted/Best sportsman, which I feel really helps lower the crazy mean competitive streak that usually poisons many 40k events.

My partner Jacob brought along his freshly done Ad Mech Taghmata army and boy did it soak up so much of our battles shooting, so much so his valiant robot meat shields inspired me (as well as book 6) to start a Dark Mech Cybernetica force!

All up Jacob and I won 2 out of 3 matches and placed 3rd! We were pretty chuffed at that as we pretty much just pumped out some painted stuff we had on hand and played for fun. There was heaps of painted armies on heaps of wonderful tables to play on. Big shout out to Frontline Gaming for the sexy mats and also to the two Issacs for putting together and supplying so much terrain for the event.

Enough waffling on here are the pictures of the day, First up is all the armies on parade for the day during the judging and then some battle shots of our games.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

New Lava Mat, Dark Angels 30k and fully painted is for closers!

Been super keen to build my hobby room up for in house games with mates as well as attending the new clubs meets every 2nd weekend, and one of the biggest fun/style multipliers we have found for a gaming tables is a sexy themed mat! Frontline Gaming Australia have come together with the Admins of The Warrior Lodge and supplied Brisbane with a stack of these amazing brand new one of a kind lava mats and I got one of the first out of the box!

All of Frontline's mats are fantastic but this new one is outstanding, if your looking for a sturdy, flexible, well printed high quality 6x4 mat then look no further. You can browse the rest of the selection here they do 4x4 and 3x3 as well.

They come with a fantastic carry bag and just roll up for easy transport. Dice roll well and its tops for holding your dudes and terrain in place if someone knocks the table with its non slip backing. I am absolutely planning a new themed army and table terrain as we speak, I think a Khorne corrupted Cult Milita army on lava bases sounds just the treat!

Anyhow here are some shots of us punching a quick couple of 30k games out while we wait for the 30k doubles event to roll around. Jacob's Taghmata force vs my new Dark Angels heresy army duked it out for some practice games and won a match each. Pardon my unpainted terrain its a work in progress from my snow mat, I think for the new mat lava canyons, heaps of rocks and cliffs and the odd lava hill should do the trick with the odd ruined stone temple thrown in. 

For my fully painted is for closers statement I have finally finished off my Dark Angels 850 point 30k Doubles Torny Army. Just a few touch ups to go but definitely table top ready. Oh yeah and to go with it I got my hands on Book 6 Retribution! suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a good book seriously. It has fat stacks of some of the coolest 30k fluff and art as well as all those legion and Mechcanicum rules we were all hanging out for. I also got myself some Night Lords Decals and Brass as finishing that army is my new focus now the Dark Angels mini force is complete.

Next post will be about the Warrior Lodges doubles event Brothers Revenge. Will have heaps of pics of all the fully kitted out tables with more mats and great terrain the boys have been hard at work providing, as well as a huge selection of great painted 30k armies.