Wednesday, 4 October 2017

40k 8th Edition Projects Death Guard and Nurlge: Bigger is better! Part 2

Death Guard codex is finally here and I can start putting together what works for me out of my hastily assembled collection. I did manage to grab both Mortarion and the forgeworld great unclean one as some center piece models for my Daemon and Deathguard armies and have started work on them slowly. Morty is a joy to paint but seriously time consuming, I am only about 50% done with him!

Death Guard Primach painting WIP

I followed my standard recipe for spooky green flesh and started out with some airbrushed yellow zenith highlighted over a darker base color.

 This was then dry brushed with a bright yellow to make the edges and raised sections pop, then hit with a very heavy green wash. As you can see in the pics one wash transforms a model in a single step. I use the same process on the marines and Morty's armor for a themed cohesive look to both daemon and marine forces so I can mix and match armies as needed.

I wanted to try something a little different from all the other Morty's I have been seeing all over the net so far, everyone seems keen on bright pale wings and highlights so I opted for dark purples, blues and greys. The wings themselves will probably be hardest part to paint on the model with all the veins and details everywhere in plain sight, I will leave them to last for sure haha! the cloak smoke is the same coloring as the wings so hopefully it will frame the rest of the model well and provide a cohesive look. I am opting for red robes that will be washed down and shaded with some highlights and weathering as well.
Death Guard Primach painting WIP

Like I said about 50% complete so far but you get the general idea, hopefully I can finish this guy before the end of the month!

Death Guard Primach painting WIP

Monday, 25 September 2017

40k Raven Guard Successor Army WIP Part 2: Paint it black....and purple!

Almost finished the Raven Guard successor recon force I have been working on, the purple iridescence armor has come out alright I think. I was suss on the bases but whatever they seem to work. The stormravens are spooking me with having to wash them due to the large flat surfaces haha, anyway here are the pics so far. Painting with washes and metals is fun but defiantly a new challenge for me and took me out of my comfort zone, would love to try some emperors children or alpha legion with the same technique just for a laugh.

Oh and seems this first pic of the Rievers got picked up by GW on Instagram and are now part of the product page previews!

Raven Guard Succussor 40k 8th edition force
Raven Guard Succussor 40k 8th edition force
Raven Guard Succussor 40k 8th edition force
Raven Guard Succussor 40k 8th edition force

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Cerastus Knight Atrapos finally done...... well, mostly done.

For once I have actually finished a project! I got this sexy Atrapos last year and have been tinkering at it for a while now in between armies. I was using it mostly for my 30k forces but as I am winding it down into more 8th edition 40k.

Cerastus Knight-Atrapos

The biggest tip of course is paint your Knights armor plates separate and please for the love of god make a big center piece model like this have a cool pose!!! I see way to many fantastic paint jobs on these big models ruined by the static and utterly boring poses, put some love into it! I themed this guy around a rogue or rebel Mechanicus force, so lots of suspicious runes and techno jargon symbols instead of the usual numbers and imperial symbols, anyway hope you like it!

Cerastus Knight-Atrapos

Cerastus Knight-Atrapos

Cerastus Knight-Atrapos

Friday, 11 August 2017

40k Raven Guard Successor Army WIP Part 1: Shiney birds are best birds!

I am addicted to the new Reivers... sneaky skull helmeted crazies chopping and shooting up your backline? yes please! also they look sick, so of course I had to start a new marine army just for them. I experimented a while ago with a 30k Raven guard color scheme based on the purple iridescence of  actual ravens wing coloring. I was please with the outcome but with the failure of 30k heresy to transition into 8th edition anytime before the next ice age I have pulled out of all my 30k projects and will be selling them on as I have no love at all for the 7th ed ruleset and was only playing it for the sweet sweet 30k lore and fluff in light of 7th ed 40k being so unbalanced. So now I wanted a dark purple and black shiney Raven guard army and 40k was the format to do it in.

Reiver Primaris marines

I really wanted a more purple look on this army instead of sheer black so held back on the 3rd black wash and this allowed me too retain a strong base color coming through. As with most metallic paint schemes you first chuck down a primed layer in this case silver then build up the color tone you want with successive washes. I was able to get it down too 2x purple wash and 2x black wash and then just batch painted the infantry. The two Stormravens with have to be done via airbrush due to their large surface areas so I will attempt that once all the infantry are completed.

 Primaris Librarian 

Snuck in a cheeky primaris/cypher conversion for a captain model to suit the sneaky theme as well as a basic headswap on the primaris librarian. I am torn on bases for these guys so if you have any ideas please let me know

Monday, 3 July 2017

40k 8th Edition Projects: Death Guard and Daemons slumber party adventure part 1

I had to get the new 8th edition starter box and by that logic I had to swap my marines for a 2nd Death Guard half, and by that logic I had to pull out a mess of Nurgle Daemons I had hiding in a box! It was a vicious cycle and one that is pushing me towards about 100power points or a 2k points of a combined Death Guard and Nurgle Daemons horde army.

I like the new psyker rules as well as the new phase and coupling that with the new character rules of not being targeted unless its the closest unit I am dreaming of running nothing but huge expendable chaff units swarming the board backed up and buffed by pyskers and auras galore to drown the board in putrid bodies. One catch though........ damn its a lot of models to paint!

I decided on a spooky gross green glow I utilized on a Spooky Death army I did for AOS some time ago but wanted it to be a bit darker and more gross looking.

Will look at trying to crank more of this army out asap as its a heap of fun even though its a mountain of work to go haha!

Monday, 26 June 2017

40k 8th Edition Projects: Drukhari as Larry, Bleached Blonde Bones

All hail our 40k 8th edition overlords, its finally arrived! With a few test games under my belt I can confidently say 40k is back on the menu boys, and to celebrate I have dug deep into my hobby larder and started work on a long time dream of a bright yet dirty Drukhari (Dark Eldar) army.

Drukhari Dark Eldar 8th Edition

I picked up some super good army deals from local lads selling old projects to fund them buying the new starter and now have about at least 3k points worth of Drukhari to paint............. so lets get to it!

Drukhari Dark Eldar 8th Edition

I recently painted up and sold off a 30k Deathguard army and really took to the dirty worn bleached bone look with heaps of weathering and really wanted to try it on a Xenos army to combat all the primaris marines that will be popping up now with the starter set. The big change from my Heresy Death Guard scheme to Drukhari will be using vibrant purples and slick blacks as the contrasts colors to make them stand out on the table

Drukhari Dark Eldar 8th Edition

Drukhari Dark Eldar 8th Edition

Drukhari Dark Eldar 8th Edition

 I managed to get trounced in a test game with a mate of mine on the weekend but at least the army is starting to look good haha. For sure I am getitng more wracks and dark lances painted first for sure.

annnnnd to finish off here is a sneak peak of the next project cooking in the background..... love me some cheap starter set splits :)

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Horus Heresy 30k Event Report "Face of Oblivion": Myrmidons and the Mad Magos march to war. Warning! Post may contain army pics galore!

Trip report from the EyeofHorusPodcast event "Face of Oblivion"

Dark Mechanicus Magos Prime Malagra with Occularis and Thallax

Once again Brisbane has shown its strong 30k form with another awesome event. Tim and Michael from the Eye of Horus Podcast hosted a 1 day event at the Magic Vault here in sunny Brizvegas and as always it was a hit.

I was lucky enough to grab an invite and as this was a Centurion/Zone Mortalis event I quickly threw together some infantry based lists for my Traitor Dark Mechanicus forces. I am heavily leaning towards running a full Myrmidon cult army in the near future and this was the perfect event to try some more Myrmidon units out, they did not disappoint! I took the Mad Malagra Magos Prime again as my HQ and he personally slew two Alpha Legion Praetors in single combat and wrecked anything else that got close enough including a captured Ork Warboss that a GM dropped into one of my games! The combo of a paragon blade on a Magos combined with rad grenades and a rad furnace ensures instant death AP2 attacks all over the shop and a chainfist for back up with vehicles.

Face of Oblivion event

Face of Oblivion event 30k

Face of Oblivion 30k event

Now have some photos of all the amazing fully painted armies!

Face of Oblivion 30k event

30k Skitarii Hoplites

Myrmidons with Irradiation engines

Myrmidon Destructors

Magos 30k horus heresy

30k myrmidon and Hoplites

Big shout out to the Eye of Horus crew for running such a sweet event with great terrain and tables! not to mention the fluff and flavor they put in with all the campaign and rule sets on the day.