Wednesday, 26 June 2019

40k Projects: Genestealer Cult Purestrain Genestealer Contrast Paint Test

With the release of the new GW contrast paints I saw an opportunity to speed up some of my GSC units painting times. I have about 15 Genestealers lying around already primed white and though I would give it a go.

Purstrain Genestealer warhammer 40k, contrast paints, genestealer cult

Paint Scheme is as follows:
1: Prime White with rattle can or airbrush
2: Seal with matte spray sealer
3: wash flesh with Guillemen Flesh Contrast
4: Wash carapace with Black Contrast
5: Claws and talons with normal badab black
6: Purple with Genestealer purple, then a purple wash
7: Seal with matte spray sealer
8: brush on gloss coat on carapace, claws and talons + mouths 

Friday, 5 April 2019

40k Projects: Genestealer Cult Brood Brothers Earthshaker Battery

I recently got a hold of some very cheap third party artillery guns that fit into the 28mm Warhammer scale and decided my Genestealer Cult needed some long range punch in the form of a deatachment of Brood Brothers Earthshaker Battery guns. You can find the models yourself on ebay under the keywords “Model, antiaircraft gun, cannon toy” and they go for about $4 a piece AUD. I purchased 10 to cover any bad casts and to also bulk out some 30k milita forces in the future or just plain old terrain pieces as well.

Genestealer Cult Earthshaker Artillery Brood Brothers GSC

Painting was simple:
1: Spray white undercoat and then seal with matt varnish for better wash surface
2: One coat of brown wash
3: Once coat of Sepia wash
4: Drybrush with Bone
5: Paint metals and then wash metals with nuln oil
6: Black for the wheels with a grey drybrush over the top

I will be weathering the whole army at once when the complete force is up to the same standard as it helps me keep consistency doing it in one giant batch.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

40k and 30k Projects: Imperial Knight Gallant and Knight Helverins WIP - Part 1

Work in progress for my Imperial Knights for 40k and to be also used as allies to my Imperial Fists 40k force as well. I used the same painting scheme as my 30k Terminators and Dreadnoughts with the metallic yellow and heavy weathering.

Imperial Knights and Helverins 40k Metallic Yellow

Imperial Knights Warhammer 40k Yellow

Imperial Knights Gallant Warhammer 40k YellowImperial Knight Gallant painting Warhammer 40k Yellow

Still lots of details to go on these guys but at least they are table ready!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

40k and 30k Projects: Imperial Fists dream of metallic yellow sunsets - Part 2 - Event time!

So I attended the Eye of Horus Podcast 30k Horus Heresy narrative event this weekend with my new 30k Imperial Fists force.

Metallic Imperial Fists Terminators, Horus Heresy

I was able to just get enough painted to a table top standard the night before the event. Players had to have lists for 1000 and 1250 Zone Mortalis and also 1500 and 2000 point Centurion matches. I went Terminator and Dread heavy just because they look cool!

Metallic Imperial Fists Terminators, Horus Heresy

Metallic Imperial Fists Terminators, Horus Heresy

Metallic Imperial Fists Terminators, Horus Heresy

Metallic Imperial Fists Terminators, Horus Heresy

Imperial Fists 30k Horus Heresy Warhammer

Metallic Imperial Fists Terminators, Horus Heresy

Metallic Imperial Fists Terminators, Horus Heresy

Thursday, 19 July 2018

40k and 30k Projects: Imperial Fists Redemptor Dread WIP - Part 1

Picked up a cheap easy build Redemptor Dread the other day on a whim for my Imperial Fists army and found it a delight to assemble and paint. I am using this as a prototype for upcoming vehicle additions for this army as I was unsure if I could pull off the wash technique on the bigger panels so here we go.

 Imperial Fists 40k Dread Metallic Yellow

I followed the Exact same process as my infantry so far for the metallic yellow:
1: spray silver and then seal with matte varnish, then wash with nuln oil
2: wash panels with cassandra yellow
3: wash panels with cassandra yellow again
4: a coat of Yriel yellow glaze on the yellow panels
5: two coats of badab black on other paneling
6: sponge on battle damage and weathering with black
7: highlight black edges and fill in battle damage with a bright silver, I use a flat brush for this
8: fill in any other details to taste!

Imperial Fists Redemptor Dread in metallic yellow 40k

Imperial Fists 40k Redemptor Dread in metallic yellow
Imperial Fists 40k Dread Metallic Yellow

Thursday, 28 June 2018

40k and 30k Projects: Imperial Fists dream of metallic yellow sunsets - Part 1

Finally back into the hobby again! It has been a good 6 month hiatus inflicted with a move and job change but lets get back into it. I have been inspired by the smashingly good Dorn release from ForgeWorld and keen to bulk out an Imperial Fists army that can be used in both 30k and 40k

Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminators Metallic Yellow 40k

After experimenting with metallic paint jobs and techniques I must say I am very partial too the spray silver and then wash camp. I lack the space for an airbrush friendly area currently so away we go with washes again. I had been scouring the internet for ideas to

make a very unique Fists paint theme and came across a gent called Corai on the B&C forums back in 2014 who pushed out some fantastic conversions and was able to pull off a brilliant metallic yellow scheme. So in true internet fashion I stole his hard won wisdom and decided to apply it to my dudes.

I had a whole bunch of Cataphractii Terminators spare so I decided to build a Terminator only force to accompany Dorn when he finally arrives on my door. I started with 3 squads and 2 HQs and will expand from there

Painting is super easy for this scheme:
1) Spray silver
2) Wash with nuln oil
3) Wash the panels you want yellow with Casandra yellow wash 1 layer

Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminators Metallic Yellow 40k

4) Fill in your black and red sections to taste

Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminators Metallic Yellow 40k

5) Wash the panels you want yellow again

Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminators Metallic Yellow 40k

6) A thin coat of yellow glaze on your yellow panels

7) Fill in details and weather accordingly to taste

Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminators Metallic Yellow 40k

Lots more work to do on these guys yet like all the faces, weapons and lenses, will do an update once they are table ready!

Monday, 30 October 2017

40k 8th Edition Projects Death Guard and Nurgle: Fully painted and ready to rot! Part 4

Finally I have a fully painted 2k points worth of Death Guard I can field! Was a long haul but I got these chaps done just before an event this weekend, I still have to do all the shading and highlights on the purple flesh on everything but at least the force is table ready.

Nurgle Demon Prince conversion Daemon 
I smashed up a quick Daemon Price conversion with the addition of a plague drone head and wings as well as shaving off the tubes of his shoulders.  Was heaps of fun to paint and the skin is just a couple of shades of grey and purple drybrushes with some purple washes.

I desperately needed a Chaos Lord to baby sit my Plagueburst Crawlers and this little dude did the job marvelously.  The model is just form the first blood kit with a Plague Bearer head. Had lots of fun making up this guy.

Painting Mortarion daemon primach 40k Death guard

painting mortarion primach death guard painted Daemon
 Mortarion is about 90% complete in these pics, but definatly table worthy. His smoke stacks and scythe are the bit that need the most attention and probably his attendants as well. I will try and finish him off soon hopefully. He is a monster to paint but very rewarding, now I just need to do up some Deathshroud bodyguards and a warptime jumpack sorcerer for him too!

death guard painted Foetid bloat-drone 40k warhammer
painting plague marines death guard 40k
painted plague marine squad 40k warhammer

nurgle demon plague bearer warhammer painting
plague burst crawler painting warhammer 40k nurgle
 So there you have it, another completed force but its only about 30% of what I want completed for the entire force! I really want to be able to paint up just about everything Nurgle so I can run whatever configuration easily, if only Games Workshop would release the Miphitic Crawelers already!!!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

40k 8th Edition Projects Death Guard and Nurgle: Tanks for the Tank God! part 3

With an event looming the worst thing to do would be add more to the painting 'to do" pile right? so that is exactly what I did! Got a 2000pt torny upcoming next weekend and most of the army still to finish painting so I went out and purchased two of the new Plagueburst Crawler Death Guard tanks like a spaz. I'm not looking to do well or win much at the event I just wanted to rock up and have some games with the models I had painted on hand, especially since I am really keen on eventually running a pox walker and cultist horde army backed up by waves of Plague Marines getting cover off Miphitic Blight Haulers that aren't even out yet (sadface)

40k Plagueburst crawlers nurgle

I really enjoyed assembling and painting this kit, it was a dream to put together and the armor and trim of the tank complimented my lazy painting style for this army immensely. I did the usual trick of basing black followed by a couple of zenith highlights of yellow with an airbrush, dry brushing the raised edges and details bright yellow and then drowning it all in green wash.

40k Nurgle plagueburst crawler

40k nurgle plagueburst crawler tanks

These two pics are before the tidy up and weathering was complete, I probably need to go back and smash out alot more fine details but time is short on getting this army table worthy before the event.

Death Guard Mortarion Daemon Primach 40k 8th edition painted

Also taking Morty as well just even though i don't have his delivery units or protection bros converted up and painted yet, but damn it he is like just under 500pts I have pretty much painted at this point and even if he gets shot up at least he will look cool doing it. Morty isn't finished yet but as you can see he has come along much further than my last blog update, will base him up this week and try and finish his attendants off as well.

Will try and take as many pics as possible of the event, apparently about 60 players are attending so should be a wild ride.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

40k 8th Edition Projects Death Guard and Nurgle: Bigger is better! Part 2

Death Guard codex is finally here and I can start putting together what works for me out of my hastily assembled collection. I did manage to grab both Mortarion and the forgeworld great unclean one as some center piece models for my Daemon and Deathguard armies and have started work on them slowly. Morty is a joy to paint but seriously time consuming, I am only about 50% done with him!

Death Guard Primach painting WIP

I followed my standard recipe for spooky green flesh and started out with some airbrushed yellow zenith highlighted over a darker base color.

 This was then dry brushed with a bright yellow to make the edges and raised sections pop, then hit with a very heavy green wash. As you can see in the pics one wash transforms a model in a single step. I use the same process on the marines and Morty's armor for a themed cohesive look to both daemon and marine forces so I can mix and match armies as needed.

I wanted to try something a little different from all the other Morty's I have been seeing all over the net so far, everyone seems keen on bright pale wings and highlights so I opted for dark purples, blues and greys. The wings themselves will probably be hardest part to paint on the model with all the veins and details everywhere in plain sight, I will leave them to last for sure haha! the cloak smoke is the same coloring as the wings so hopefully it will frame the rest of the model well and provide a cohesive look. I am opting for red robes that will be washed down and shaded with some highlights and weathering as well.
Death Guard Primach painting WIP

Like I said about 50% complete so far but you get the general idea, hopefully I can finish this guy before the end of the month!

Death Guard Primach painting WIP

Monday, 25 September 2017

40k Raven Guard Successor Army WIP Part 2: Paint it black....and purple!

Almost finished the Raven Guard successor recon force I have been working on, the purple iridescence armor has come out alright I think. I was suss on the bases but whatever they seem to work. The stormravens are spooking me with having to wash them due to the large flat surfaces haha, anyway here are the pics so far. Painting with washes and metals is fun but defiantly a new challenge for me and took me out of my comfort zone, would love to try some emperors children or alpha legion with the same technique just for a laugh.

Oh and seems this first pic of the Rievers got picked up by GW on Instagram and are now part of the product page previews!

Raven Guard Succussor 40k 8th edition force
Raven Guard Succussor 40k 8th edition force
Raven Guard Succussor 40k 8th edition force
Raven Guard Succussor 40k 8th edition force