Thursday, 27 April 2017

Horus Heresy 30k Projects, Mechanicus and getting ready for Briscon : Dark Mechanicus Painting Part 4 + Painting a Knight Atrapos in 2 Days.

Briscon is quickly approaching and Operation Molten Storm 30k event with it! A narrative 2 day 30k event with 5 games played and lots of cool dudes looking to roll dice with other cool dudes. Army lists are 2.5k with a optional LOW slot............. shit........ I need a LOW....... a Dark Mechanicus LOW. I kind of have a half painted Chaos Knight, but that just doesn't feel mean enough, how about that Knight Atrapos I have sitting unpainted on my shelf with less than 5 days to go to the event and more than half my infantry still to be painted and based as well?

Challenge Accepted!
Knight Atrapos

So I had a long weekend in hand and a goal, lets get to this. Army scheme is carried over with beaten brass/copper with slick black stripes or face plates to give it a slightly more sinister look. I also punched out the primary painting of some Vultarax as well.

 Vultarax with a quick glossy black stripe ties them to the theme of the rest of the army, I was slack and haven't set up my new airbrush kit since moving so just did the stripe with some tape and brushwork.

Vultarax WIP

Hammered out the main paint job on a Triarios as well.

Triarios WIP

 Rebased and primarily finished the Usarax squad, just needs decals now

Usrarax WIP

Same story on the Thallax squads, only decals to go!

Thallax WIP

 Hoplites are decal ready as well, they will be traveling in the Triarios

Secutarii Hoplites WIP

And a quick progress shot of the Mad Malagra Magos Coatl + his four themed Cyber-Occularis, also the Myrmidons are like 80% finished.

Arch Magos Prime Malagra

So now onto how I did the Atrapos in 2 days..... I literally woke up on the weekend before Briscon and just had to take him in the army nothing less would suffice. As with all Knight Painting you should start by base coating the skeleton and armor plates separately. This allows for a much tidier painting routine and better access and coverage for the model. I base coated him silver and then gave that silver a heavy black wash followed by a spot wash of brown to dirty him up some.

Knight Atrapos WIP

 The I hit all the panels with 2 coats of bronze to get an even coverage.

Knight Atrapos WIP

 The bronze plates then got a heavy wash of nuln oil and started on the green gun sections.

Knight Atrapos WIP

 Black stripe was done in the same manner as the Vultarax, painters tape and brush work.

Knight Atrapos WIP

 Weathering on the bronze is done with a old scruffy brush and some silver, I tried to make it look like the scrapes are legit wear and tear. Also started highlighting the green sections and glossed up the black stripes.
Knight Atrapos WIP

 Did up a nuclear winter themed base with a couple of ruins and skulls scattered around, no the most striking base but fits in with the rest of the force and was very quick to get done in a limited time frame!
Knight Atrapos

So there you go, 2 days to the basics of a Knight Atrapos and most of my 2500 worth of Dark Mech! The Atrapos has a huge amount of detail yet to complete but this was all about getting him table top ready. Once the event is over I will have plenty on time to go back and flesh out the cabling, read panel detail and even the pilots seat of the interior. I will try and get some decent pics of the whole force together come event day and do a quick write up of the whole event plus pics galore of all the armies present!