Monday, 8 February 2016

Warrior Lodge Opening day, New Club For North Brisbane

So while stuck here in Australia while the Heresy weekender was happening I attended and helped to run a new club here in sunny North Brisbane  or found on the Facebook group

Isaac and Isy have done a huge job organising and running things for this club and all in the name of rolling dice with cool dudes in a chilled environment. Events are already planned for the rest of the year including two 30k doubles events and some 40k ITC events as well!

Here is some pics from the day, we can run 10 tables at a time with full terrain and FAT Mats for each and enough styles to cater for anything played on all popular systems including Xwing, Hordes, 30k, 40k and the Fantasy range and soon some fully decked out Mordheim tables

My Night Lords got a tad beaten up by some nasty firedrakes on the day but was great playing at the new local!


Monday, 1 February 2016

Dark Angels Horus Heresy 30k starter force Calth set WIP Part 3

The 30k Dark Angels force I am currently converting and painting for an upcoming doubles torny has had some progress this weekend. I have started work on the 2nd squad and the Delegatus HQ model in the painting department, and have started applying some Legion icons and suitable Dark Angels bits and bobs from the 40k range onto a couple of vehicles.
I am attempting winter/partial snow themed bases, currently waiting on some winter themed grass tufts to fill out the bases. Snow effect is achieved by globbing on some PVA craft glue and dusting the base with GW snow effect, please note you will need 2 or 3 passes on an area or blob to fill it out and make it look proper snowy, a single pass will leave the snow looking very thin, and allow time for the PVA to dry between each pass.
The Delegatus HQ is coming along. Having real trouble with the power weapon as I still can't decided if I should go the lazy road and tape it and do the force weapon airbrush trick or try and up my game and manual do wet blending by hand. Can't wait to have a crack at doing up the vehicles, I have a Sicaran, Rhino and potential a Whirlwind to do before the end of February!