Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Dark Angels Horus Heresy 30k starter force Calth Set WIP Part 2

Time to get painting on my 30k Dark Angels force I converted last update. Long weekends are conducive to getting painting done, So I got about half way through 2 tactical squads. Please note these are not finished, still heaps of work and details to go, including way to much edge highlighting!

Started some work on the Delegatus as well and the second squad still has a ways to go, hopefully this scheme comes out well on the table top. My biggest concern is there are heaps of other legions in 30k with black armor with white or red details so I went with the green shoulders to really make it obvious they are the 1st legion. I am really keen for my forgeworld upgrade kits to arrive so I can have a crack at some veterans and command squad, robes for everyone!