Monday, 20 February 2017

AOS Death Malignant and Nighthaunt Army Project Part 2: "Spooksville"

Finished up a solid chunk of the Malignant army I was painting up, even got a bunch of games in with it and they performed really well. The addition of the Mourngul was the right move as it allows me to munch through tougher units or break down smaller ones easily.

Spirit Hosts age of sigmar full army Malignants

Mourgul got the same painting treatment as the rest of the force. Brown base, orange and then yellow shading on the raised areas/arms and then black sprayed in the recesses.

Mourngul Age of Sigmar

 This was the hit with a very heavy wash of green to bring out the yellows into the fluro color you see below. Due to the size of the model some areas needed a second coat of green wash

mourgul age of sigmar

Mourngul Age of Sigmar

After the green wash settled bright highlights via dry brushing were applied to make it pop

Fully painted Mourngul age of sigmar

The res of the army got a basic brown mud base with some static grass tufts as well. 

Hexwraiths fully painted

Mortis Engine Fully painted age of sigmar

Banshee and hero fully painted

Spirit Hosts Fully painted age of sigmar

All done! now to have some more games, get bored, sell the lot and pick another project!...............send help...........I have army painting issues!