Friday, 5 April 2019

40k Projects: Genestealer Cult Brood Brothers Earthshaker Battery

I recently got a hold of some very cheap third party artillery guns that fit into the 28mm Warhammer scale and decided my Genestealer Cult needed some long range punch in the form of a deatachment of Brood Brothers Earthshaker Battery guns. You can find the models yourself on ebay under the keywords “Model, antiaircraft gun, cannon toy” and they go for about $4 a piece AUD. I purchased 10 to cover any bad casts and to also bulk out some 30k milita forces in the future or just plain old terrain pieces as well.

Genestealer Cult Earthshaker Artillery Brood Brothers GSC

Painting was simple:
1: Spray white undercoat and then seal with matt varnish for better wash surface
2: One coat of brown wash
3: Once coat of Sepia wash
4: Drybrush with Bone
5: Paint metals and then wash metals with nuln oil
6: Black for the wheels with a grey drybrush over the top

I will be weathering the whole army at once when the complete force is up to the same standard as it helps me keep consistency doing it in one giant batch.


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    1. thanks man much appreciated! got 3 more to do up and all the weathering. Will do an update soon

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