Saturday, 14 May 2016

Anacharis Scoria Horus Heresy 30k Project: Dark Mechanicum Legio Cybernetica Army Building and Painting Part 2

Progress on my Scoria conversion as well as some progress on my Thanatar Calix and Domitar battle automata. Continuing on my paint scheme for the rest of the army of dirty metal and worn bronze I feel it fits the early Dark Mechanicum 30k theme. Scoria's model is a real monster to paint there is just so many details on his Abeyant and himself. The Domitar and Thanatar Calix are a dream to paint on the other hand, lots of simple armor plates and cabling. Note this is just the early stages, I will bring the cables down with a wash of dark green and then build them back up with bright green highlights to make them come across and evil and spooky. 

I was thinking lava bases for these guys but might leave it until I am happy with the models once finished just in case I change my mind.