Sunday, 24 July 2016

Brothers Revenge 2 ElectricBoogaLoo 30k Horus Heresy Doubles Event!

So Yesterday was the second 30k event for the Warrior Lodge club here in sunny Brisbane, Australia. We have been working hard to bring a friendly and chilled atmosphere to the 30k scene and to the club as a general rule

I finally finished painting my Scoria delivery system army and had a blast watching him eat all the HQs and elite units people would feed him only to find out his hunger for tears is infinite.

We had a great turn out with a good diversity of lists and all the painted armies on the painted terrain with FAT MATS was a nerds dream to see and play on. The work that has gone into furnishing the clubs gear has really paid off. If your in the area hit up TheWarriorLodge on facebook for times and days or just a chat. We play almost all the major systems out there not just Heresy.

Anyway here some of the pics I took on the day, I was going to get heaps more but I was hellishly sick the whole day and was just happy to be present and able to roll dice!

And here are some "action" shots of my teams games