Saturday, 9 July 2016

Word Bearers Horus Heresy 30k Project: Word Bearer Cataphractii Terminators Conversion

What to do when you have some spare betrayal at calth terminators lying around? turn them into dirty traitors and convert them with dark angels terminator bits of course!

These guys were a combination of the deathwing 40k kit and the calth cataphractii termi 30k kit. I took the front of the deathwing models and shaved the back so it was flush with the rear torso of the cataphractii kit. Also I had to cut away most of the leg to chest lug off the cataphractii kit because it no longer fit in snug with the new converted torso or robes. 

Paint was done with a airbrush base of black, then top down highlight of white, then mahogany red, then top down highlight of a crimson red then washed with drakenhoff nightshade to blend it all together and give that darker look I have been chasing with the rest of the army.