Wednesday, 4 October 2017

40k 8th Edition Projects Death Guard and Nurgle: Bigger is better! Part 2

Death Guard codex is finally here and I can start putting together what works for me out of my hastily assembled collection. I did manage to grab both Mortarion and the forgeworld great unclean one as some center piece models for my Daemon and Deathguard armies and have started work on them slowly. Morty is a joy to paint but seriously time consuming, I am only about 50% done with him!

Death Guard Primach painting WIP

I followed my standard recipe for spooky green flesh and started out with some airbrushed yellow zenith highlighted over a darker base color.

 This was then dry brushed with a bright yellow to make the edges and raised sections pop, then hit with a very heavy green wash. As you can see in the pics one wash transforms a model in a single step. I use the same process on the marines and Morty's armor for a themed cohesive look to both daemon and marine forces so I can mix and match armies as needed.

I wanted to try something a little different from all the other Morty's I have been seeing all over the net so far, everyone seems keen on bright pale wings and highlights so I opted for dark purples, blues and greys. The wings themselves will probably be hardest part to paint on the model with all the veins and details everywhere in plain sight, I will leave them to last for sure haha! the cloak smoke is the same coloring as the wings so hopefully it will frame the rest of the model well and provide a cohesive look. I am opting for red robes that will be washed down and shaded with some highlights and weathering as well.
Death Guard Primach painting WIP

Like I said about 50% complete so far but you get the general idea, hopefully I can finish this guy before the end of the month!

Death Guard Primach painting WIP