Saturday, 12 March 2016

Night Lords 30k Painting Fliers WIP Part 1

With a rapidly upcoming 3000point 30k event on the horizon I need to desperately try and finish off a large chunk of units for my Heresy army. My Night Lords 30k army is built around the theme of them being a strike force deployed to the galaxies fringes during the Istvann purge and betrayal, led by a Terran veteran Praetor from the original founding of the legion their loyalties lay more with the Emperor than with the increasingly insane Curze. Upon returning to the greater crusade space and learning of the betrayal of Horus they are turned into a marauding force shadowing the traitor fleets throughout the galaxy and preying on the isolated and vulnerable rearguard.

The style and theme is a bit more clean and fresh then most of the other traitor Night Lords that are floating around. Force layout wise I wanted a highly mobile air/space based army, with lots of units that can be used in boarding actions and quick insertion on ground targets while maintaining air superiority, so lots of fliers, infiltrating terror squads and the odd Caestus Assault Ram because I love that hulking monster of a model and the thought of smashing into ships and tanks like a madman is awesome.

So painting! I followed the same recipe I used for my infantry units on these vehicles. Airbrushed Black undercoat/base, then a highlight with airbrush white on raised areas or parts you want to outline or make pop and then 2 coats of Vallejo Model Air Blue 71.004.

I only got 1 coat of blue done on these 3 fliers because I ran out of paint! more has been ordered and once it arrives I will do the 2nd coat and touch ups. I cant stress how important it is to do the 1st coat and let it dry overnight and come back the next day to do the 2nd coat of blue. You always pick up all the mistakes and parts missed in the 1st coat and once the paint fully dries you can give it a hit of matt varnish to protect the base coat.