Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Night Lords Horus Heresy 30k Project: Calth Terminator Lord and Chainglaives Part 2

Welcome to the next step on my loyalist Night lords 30k army built mainly from the flexible Betrayal At Calth boxed set. My previous article for the terminators and terminator Praetor was about making the chainglaives that are the signature weapon of the Night Lords, this time lets get into painting them. I have yet to finish basing this unit but I am waiting until I get my Night Lords decals from Forgeworld, then I can finish them off and seal with some matt varnish all in one hit.
Please note this is a Loyalist Night lords force so it is far more clean and bright then most of the traitor forces seen, this is a deliberate direction and theme for the army.

Step 1: Undercoated and completed the shading of the base colours with an airbrush as detailed here
Step 2:  Paint all the trims and details in a bronze gold colour
 Step 3: Paint all the weapon and chain details in silver and then wash the gold and silver parts with nuln oil wash, Also start painting the power weapons, powerfists, chainfist teeth and Chainblade/Praetor paragon blade-chainglaive with a dark green and then highlighted with a light green on the tips.

 Step 4: Drybrush leadbelcher silver onto all the gold trims too highlight it and give it a more worn look. Paint the lapels and red areas with khorne red, then hit it with a red wash and then highlighted with a lighter red. This shot also shows the custom Combi Plasma Bolters I kitbashed out of the Calth set. Let me know in the comments if you want a quick guide on how to do them.
 Step 5: Lightning and Clean up stage. Lightning is done by a 4 step process of gradually lighter shades of blue and then highlighted where the forks break or hit with a dot of bright white.
 Step 6: Almost done now just do decals and bases to your own taste!