Sunday, 6 March 2016

New Lava Mat, Dark Angels 30k and fully painted is for closers!

Been super keen to build my hobby room up for in house games with mates as well as attending the new clubs meets every 2nd weekend, and one of the biggest fun/style multipliers we have found for a gaming tables is a sexy themed mat! Frontline Gaming Australia have come together with the Admins of The Warrior Lodge and supplied Brisbane with a stack of these amazing brand new one of a kind lava mats and I got one of the first out of the box!

All of Frontline's mats are fantastic but this new one is outstanding, if your looking for a sturdy, flexible, well printed high quality 6x4 mat then look no further. You can browse the rest of the selection here they do 4x4 and 3x3 as well.

They come with a fantastic carry bag and just roll up for easy transport. Dice roll well and its tops for holding your dudes and terrain in place if someone knocks the table with its non slip backing. I am absolutely planning a new themed army and table terrain as we speak, I think a Khorne corrupted Cult Milita army on lava bases sounds just the treat!

Anyhow here are some shots of us punching a quick couple of 30k games out while we wait for the 30k doubles event to roll around. Jacob's Taghmata force vs my new Dark Angels heresy army duked it out for some practice games and won a match each. Pardon my unpainted terrain its a work in progress from my snow mat, I think for the new mat lava canyons, heaps of rocks and cliffs and the odd lava hill should do the trick with the odd ruined stone temple thrown in. 

For my fully painted is for closers statement I have finally finished off my Dark Angels 850 point 30k Doubles Torny Army. Just a few touch ups to go but definitely table top ready. Oh yeah and to go with it I got my hands on Book 6 Retribution! suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a good book seriously. It has fat stacks of some of the coolest 30k fluff and art as well as all those legion and Mechcanicum rules we were all hanging out for. I also got myself some Night Lords Decals and Brass as finishing that army is my new focus now the Dark Angels mini force is complete.

Next post will be about the Warrior Lodges doubles event Brothers Revenge. Will have heaps of pics of all the fully kitted out tables with more mats and great terrain the boys have been hard at work providing, as well as a huge selection of great painted 30k armies.