Thursday, 10 March 2016

Armies on Parade from the 30k Brothers Revenge Doubles Event

So last weekend I was fortunate enough to finally have my 30k Dark Angels painted and present for the Brothers Revenge doubles event hosted by The Warriror Lodge. It was a 850 points per army doubles event with the only real prize being a FAT Mat for best painted/Best sportsman, which I feel really helps lower the crazy mean competitive streak that usually poisons many 40k events.

My partner Jacob brought along his freshly done Ad Mech Taghmata army and boy did it soak up so much of our battles shooting, so much so his valiant robot meat shields inspired me (as well as book 6) to start a Dark Mech Cybernetica force!

All up Jacob and I won 2 out of 3 matches and placed 3rd! We were pretty chuffed at that as we pretty much just pumped out some painted stuff we had on hand and played for fun. There was heaps of painted armies on heaps of wonderful tables to play on. Big shout out to Frontline Gaming for the sexy mats and also to the two Issacs for putting together and supplying so much terrain for the event.

Enough waffling on here are the pictures of the day, First up is all the armies on parade for the day during the judging and then some battle shots of our games.