Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Night Lords Horus Heresy 30k Project: Terminators, Raptors and Sevatar

My current Night Lords project focus is on filling out some of the fun slots of the army and also the most fun to paint. Using the same base coat painting technique used on the tactical marines I developed I started filling in details on a squad of Raptors, Terminators, a Contemptor and even the man Sevatar himself. These are all a work in progress, only about 50% completed


Contemptor and Raptors still in the very basic stages of painting. The Raptors are covered in little details and will take a fair amount of time just to fill in each one, very cool.
Night Lords-30k-Raptors-Contemptor

Sevatar is chugging along, only about half way done, this is a really fun model to paint. Have left him off his scenic bases for the moment, will magnetise them soon.