Saturday, 19 December 2015

World Eaters Horus Heresy 30k Red Butchers Test Model WIP


So I stumbled across some World Eaters units and now I am compelled to paint them, especially the Red Butchers because they are some of the coolest Terminator models around. This test model is pretty much a proof of concept for the incoming army which will just start off as a quick 1000points for ZM.

The Paint proccess was long but fairly simple:

1- Airbrush on black basecoat
2- Airbrush on at 45 degree angle grey to shade the model
3- Starting from a top down angle Airbrush on a smooth white coat
4- Airbrush white on any raised areas that will stand out
5- Agrax Earthshade wash into all the recesses
6- Edge Highlight/clean up with White over the ENTIRE model (this takes some time)
7- Metals and weapons in any color or combination you like.

You can see in this other photo the huge difference that no wash VS wash in the recesses makes, I tired blue and black washes but it just didn't give me the gritty look I was after.