Saturday, 12 December 2015

Night Lords, Zone Mortalis and getting stuck in a doorway

So I had the pleasure of playing on a really sweet Zone Mortalis board done by a fellow gamer Scott from 2nd Legion. This is only part of a huge ship based Zone Mortalis project Scott has done and is a dream to play on.

The Laser cut flooring and wall sections made with GW building walls/flooring terrain pieces really pop and make it feel more real. We played a 4 man Zone Mortalis with Night Lords and Space Wolves vs Alpha Legion and Word Bearers. Stars of the match were the Gal Vorbak murdering everything and my Contemptor Dread getting stuck in a door on a difficult terrain test because he was too fat and being immobilized all match! Zone-Mortalis-103708862_iOS

For anyone stepping into 30k and and the Horus Heresy for the first time Zone Mortalis provides a really good entry for game play. Small focused games 1000 points or under are quick and crazy affairs. Once you start chucking in some interesting scenarios from the red books and using the random effects and terrain modifiers it feels like old space hulk! It is also a really good way of running campaigns and forging a narrative which I think 30k really excels at and 40k is somewhat lacking in spirit at the moment.